Top 10 birthday gift ideas for girls

Girls are some of the hardest people to shop for, especially if you’re shopping with limited funds and want to get them something meaningful and unique, not just another stuff item that can be purchased at any big box store.this is where love 4 art comes in. we have gathered an extraordinary team of happiness scientists who work everyday with a simple idea to make gifting fun and memorable again 

Covering the top 10 gifts ideas for girls isn’t easy, because there are so many possibilities, but this guide will help you make the right choices on your girl’s special day. From birthdays to holidays, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 gifts ideas that she’ll love and that will make her smile when she opens them up. Whether you have an adult daughter or a young girl who has lots of parties coming up, these great gifts will do the trick! Check them out today!

1. customised gift hamper

undoubtedly, a person feels special when he or she receives a gift, especially from the people that they close to their heart but customised gifts items go ahead one step and make the receiver of gift experience a personal connection to the sender.this is because, custom gifts bear text, photographs that speak of the best time the sender  and the receiver have spent together….

this is customised gift hamper includes

  • photo album beautifully designed with photos and texts
  • memories jar ( it is basically a jar filled with empty cheats where u can write your khati meethi yaadein)
  • one precious memory photo frame
  • chocolates
  • cards
  • leather box with photos and lights decoration

gift hamper for her love 4 art                       

it can be totally customised according to your needs and taste!

2. surprise wishes from Stranger mails

it can be best and chepeast gift u can gift to her.

Just one wish for your special one on her special day is not enough

have a bunch of friendly strangers emails for your loved ones and let them guessing. a dance lover will get emails saying the entire city of mumbai will dance in their honour today. and a punjabi music lover may open the mail to the lyrics of diljit dosanjh decicated to him or her by a stranger or a momos lover will get mail by saying hey dude life is short…. be successful earn money and eat momos……

All you have to do is share some fun facts about the special person and the things they love, they love, their favourite movie, favourite place or some memories with u etc. we will ensure that the mails seem like one sent by an old friend he/she doesnt remember anymore.

all the emails are sent by the group of enthusiastic volunteers accross the country

please note that this surprise will be directly delivered to your special one’s email address of the person you would like to surprise.


10 emails to be send to your special person.  8 mails will be sent between 10am and 8pm and 2 mails will be sent on exactly 12’o clock for wish. the mails will be will be form a mix of both men and women. 

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