how to make pop up cubes love 4 art

How to make pop up cubes

How to make pop up cubes

This blog is all about how to make pop up cubes after reading this blog u will be able to make pop up cubes 

Pop up cubes are a fun card to make and play with, but how do you make them? Well, you can buy the supplies at your local craft store, or look online at places like Amazon, or do what I did and use leftovers from other projects! Here’s how I made my pop up cubes!

At first, pop up cubes might seem intimidating to create, but with the right tools and materials, it’s not nearly as hard as you might imagine. Follow these easy steps to make your own set of pop up cubes! Once you know how to make them, the only limit to what kind of designs you can create is your imagination!

Material required to make pop up cubes

  1. A4 side sheet
  2. scale
  3. pencil
  4. scissor
  5. fevikwik
  6. elastic or rubber band 


Step 1  Take sheet of 21*18.5 cm

and then divide 21 cm into 7cm-7cm-7cm-7cm and 18.5 cm into 7cm-1.5cm-1.5cm-7cm-1.5cm  as shown in image now take another sheet of same dimesions



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